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The Sad Prince

A forgotten fable.

A forsaken knight, a talking horse and a lonely nymph venture deep into Faerie to save a lost prince.

  Montreal, QC  |  Fantasy

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  • Anna's Photo
    Anna P. 0  posted 9 years ago

    sorry to see you guys go this was a truly beautiful trailer! I'm sure you guys will do well regardless :)

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  • Charles's Photo
    Charles S. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Wow! Incredible, creative, violent and sexy! Really impressed!I wish all the projects where like that.

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  • Chelsea's Photo
    Chelsea J. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Wow, this looks really well put together,: a lot of time a thought put into it. Wish we could have seen more from this group.

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  • Amanda's Photo
    Amanda W. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Such a beautiful film, I will definitely look for this film once it's created. So sad you guys dropped out.

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  • cathlin's Photo
    cathlin G. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I absolutely love this trailer! It's fantastic! Beautiful cinematography, beautiful music!Sorry that you guys did not make it to the top 15. But looking forward your future work!

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  • Dirck's Photo
    Dirck d. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Wonderful images, compositions, and use of light and shadow. Would have liked to see this actualized. Looking forward to your work in the future.

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  • Audra's Photo
    Audra B. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Great cinematography. Wish this one had made it further. Hopefully you continue working on it. Good luck!

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  • Beryl's Photo
    Beryl W. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Well the images and stuff are very beautiful I don't get it especially if I can just stay home and watch Game of Thrones reruns.

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  • Brayden's Photo
    Brayden W. 0  posted 9 years ago

    sad that this one didn't make it further, amazing plot and a very immersive trailer. Would love to see this one in fruition.

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  • jutta's Photo
    jutta L. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Beautiful music and fantastic cinematography. Very dreamy and surreal. This trailer has done its job-it's made me want to see more.

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