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Iguana be kidding me!

A down and out whiskey-swinging, gun-slinging, trumpet-ringing reptile trying to make it in the big times.

  Montréal, QC  |  Art House, Comedy

Mission #3: Poster

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Congrats Top 60!
Mission #3: The Poster A - Scales
this trumpet was dragged through world war II — it was my grandfather's.
Mission #3: The Poster B - Scales
behind the lime light.

these are posters — posters inspired by second hand books on dusty old shelves.

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Comments (35)

  • Lovina's Photo
    Lovina Y. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I liked poster B. Its mysterious and has my fave color combos. Black and lime green. Reminds me of Alien.
    Nice job!

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Poster A

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  • Colleen's Photo
    Colleen C. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I picked Poster B. 43% of the votes for this mission.

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  • Lovina's Photo
    Lovina Y. 1  posted 9 years ago

    simple and clean. I dig poster B. Like the color choices.

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  • Lauren's Photo
    Lauren M. 1  posted 9 years ago

    I really like how simple both of these posters are. I think they're both good. Good luck on your project.

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  • Anil's Photo
    Anil G. 1  posted 9 years ago

    A little bit dull I terms of color and texture Would be nice to have some vibrancy in at least part of the image.

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  • Gillian's Photo
    Gillian W. 1  posted 9 years ago

    I like A. More mysterious, and fun!

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  • Nada's Photo
    Nada K. 1  posted 9 years ago

    B all the way

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  • Kevin's Photo
    Kevin L. 1  posted 9 years ago

    Neither poster is distinct enough to catch the eye. Poster B, however, offers an interesting use of colour.

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  • Michael's Photo
    Michael E. 2  posted 9 years ago

    Poster A is nice and simple and strongly suggests the musical theme. The green outline from on B is a bit ambiguous.

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