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Generation O

What blood type are you? How far would you go for your own blood? Creation of a superior race.

A father's desperation to save his son unwittingly unleashes a mutagen into society.

  Winnipeg, MB  |  Sci-Fi, Action

Mission #5: Conceptualize

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Generation O

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Gamma vs GenO Get the lowdown on the 2 new hominidae; Mutants destined by bloodtypes. A major thank you to Winnipeg artist Allan Richard for lending us his skills and dedicating his time towards Generation O.

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Comments (27)

  • Lovina's Photo
    Lovina Y. 0  posted 5 years ago

    nice job on the concept art. Gamma head dude looks creepy and kinda like Baraka from Mortal Kombat, so he's sweet in my books.

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  • Brittany's Photo
    Brittany S. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Great drawing skills but I feel as if the green takes aware from the beauty of the drawings. Fabulous artist! Good luck!

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  • Carly's Photo
    Carly R. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Oooo, nice use of osteoderms for that wolverine-esque look. You could have a lot of fun with flipping the switches of unexpressed human (probably shared with other animal) genes to end up with really cool concept art.

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  • Colleen's Photo
    Colleen C. 2  posted 5 years ago

    Good luck with the Top 30 vote this week team Generation O. It has been great watching your trailers and seeing your ideas.

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  • Kim's Photo
    Kim E. 1  posted 5 years ago

    Good stuff. Can't wait to see more!!!

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  • Adam-Gabriel's Photo
    Adam-Gabriel B. 1  posted 6 years ago

    Constantly good stuff. Keep churning out the great stuff guys. The filmmaking is strong in you! =-)

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    Justin's Photo
    Justin L. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Thanks! I really like The Last Canadian. I'd love to see it become a reality. Very cool concept.

  • Colleen's Photo
    Colleen C. 2  posted 6 years ago

    Strong brilliant colour in your concept challenge this week Generation O. I like that you thanked your concept artist Allan Richard..

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  • Cole's Photo
    Cole G. 0  posted 6 years ago


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  • jesse's Photo
    jesse m. 1  posted 6 years ago

    Love these conseptual drawings. You guys are really going above and beyond - love it. Good luck and can't wait to see you in the top 30!

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  • Justin's Photo
    Justin L. 0  posted 6 years ago

    Thank you for all the positive comments. Next week will be quite great!

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