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He's fishing for a new flesh...

In a small town with a big secret, things begin to get a little fishy. 75 percent of the world is made of water... Fish were meant to rule the world.

  Chateauguay, QC  |  Horror, Adventure

Mission #3: Poster

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Mission #3: The Poster A - Fish Eye
For this poster we went for a very traditional movie poster layout and composition. We definitely wanted to give the design the 80’s retro feel, while capturing all the action and the films diverse characters. Many scenes include lots of pink and red lighting; You will notice lots of pink shades on the characters to illustrate the films surrealism.
Mission #3: The Poster B - Fish Eye
With this poster we wanted to do something a little less chaotic and more structured. The first poster was pretty light on the gore so we wanted to add a bit of splatter to the font and to the Fish Eye Character which is the posters main focus. This poster is a good look into the central characters of the film, and is a simple way of showing what to expect from the film.
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Hey guys! Here are the posters for Fish Eye. Please rate and comment to let us know what you think! Thank you for the continued support!

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Comments (83)

  • Lovina's Photo
    Lovina Y. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Lame you guys didn't make the top 15 cut. Going back through all the missions. I really like your poster B. Its in my top 10 faves outta all the ones submitted

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  • David's Photo
    David M. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Poster A really sells the classic 80s look.

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  • Colleen's Photo
    Colleen C. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I picked Poster B. 33% of the vote.

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  • Adrian's Photo
    Adrian S. 0  posted 9 years ago

    The main guy, (I believe his name was Maxwell?) looks a bit buggish in the one on the left. But my, he looks handsom stage right.

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  • Jesse's Photo
    Jesse P. 0  posted 9 years ago

    i kind of like the one on the left, the one on the right is hype as F*** too but damn the one on the left really just looks crispier than crispers

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  • Gigi's Photo
    Gigi S. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Awesome Job guys! Congrats on the top 15, hope to see this film get made. Looks like a fun concept.

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  • Lovina's Photo
    Lovina Y. 0  posted 9 years ago

    both posters are awesome, i can picture them on tshirts. If i had to choose, i'd go with B.

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  • Kevin's Photo
    Kevin L. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Both posters try to do too much, but Poster B is easier to digest (sorry). The tag line is hard to read, though, because of tombstoning.

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  • Lana's Photo
    Lana A. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Actually, I like both posters but maybe Poster A just a bit more! A different kind of horror movie...fishy...for sure!

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  • Moon's Photo
    Moon J. 0  posted 9 years ago


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