Mission #6: Another Angle

A myopic view of how your film is evolving can hurt you in the long run. Looking at things from a different point of view can help you tap into a new audience that has eluded you. The story of a hero might be more compelling if told from the perspective of the villain. Your horror might make more sense as a comedy. Sometimes the male lead just isn’t cutting it and you need a female lead to get the job done. Being flexible is part of creating anything, so loosen up, try a different angle, and find a different audience. #BeBrave
Sun, Apr 19 @ 9:00PM ET Sun, Apr 19 @ 9:00PM ET Sun, Apr 26 @ 9:00PM ET Mon, Apr 27 @ 9:00PM ET
For this Mission we asked teams to tap into a new audience by looking at their project from a completely different angle.

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