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Arcade Death Zone

It's all fun and games... until somebody dies.

In 1985, a mysterious new game arrives at the local video arcade… a game that makes teens go crazy and get themselves killed in various gruesome ways.

  Vancouver, BC  |  Horror, Comedy

Mission #5: Conceptualize

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Arcade Death Zone

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Our concept art covers set and prop design, as well as action-scene practical effects, showing you some of the expensive stuff we couldn't afford to put in our trailer and sample scene. This is definitely not a movie we can just go ahead and make on our own - we need CineCoup! Or somebody's extremely rich uncle. We don't have one.

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Comments (45)

  • Gabriela's Photo
    Gabriela O. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Wow those drawings are amazing! Good job and hopefully you guys make it to the top 15! Great work John, Joel and Lana!

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  • Gigi's Photo
    Gigi S. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Awesome Job guys! Congrats on the top 30, hope to see this film get made. Looks like a fun concept.

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  • Arlene's Photo
    Arlene M. 0  posted 9 years ago

    You may not have any rich uncles, although one continues to buy Lotto 649 tickets regularly. Your fans hope Cinecoup helps you get this movie made!

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  • Brittany's Photo
    Brittany S. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Loving the colours in these drawings. The bright red defiantly captured my attention and I love the arcade game! Good luck!

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  • Erin's Photo
    Erin M. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I very much like the first 3 of these. The 4th seems a little bit out of place. Very nice all the same.

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  • Tricia's Photo
    Tricia M. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Love the Zargon game design! And the fact that they wanna' make the game into an app is fantastic! I'm incredibly impressed that they intend to use no cg fx. I'm an editor and animator who uses After Effects and it's awesome to see people who just wanna' go old-school. Especially for a movie with an 80's theme. Appropriate to go practical.

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  • Colleen's Photo
    Colleen C. 1  posted 9 years ago

    Thanks for acknowledging my previous comment. Wish you luck with tonight's Top 30 Arcade Death Zone.

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  • Tyler James's Photo
    Tyler James N. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Looking absolutely fantastic guys! An 80s schlock-and-roll gore fest with the heart of nerddom. Looking forward to much more.

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  • V's Photo
    V p. 1  posted 9 years ago

    The concept art set and prop designs are a glimpse into your vision for "Arcade Death Zone" - they are detailed and provide interest for the viewer!

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  • Lindsey's Photo
    Lindsey M. 1  posted 9 years ago

    I can totally see this as a comic book now. Lots of talent on this crew!

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