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$1 Million in production financing will go to one team to bring their movie to Cineplex Theatres, but they need YOUR help!

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We've got up to $1 million in production financing and a release on the silver screen in Cineplex Theatres, so sign up and register your project. Application deadline is Sunday, March 8, 2015.


From The Studio that brought you WolfCop "The best Canadian movie of 2014" The National Post

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What is CineCoup?

We make the movies fans want to see, by asking you which ideas you like the best. Our model brings talented filmmakers into the public eye and challenges them to build an audience before the cameras even start rolling!

In 2014 CineCoup was proud to sponsor “One Last Cook” with Vince Gilligan (Creator of Breaking Bad) and Damon Lindelof (Creator of LOST) for VIFF Industry. After treating an audience to Gilligan’s favourite Breaking Bad episode, Lindelof led a spirited Q&A for the best TV Showrunner working today.

What Does CineCoup Want?

We want genre projects and we know Canada's got the good stuff so bring it on! We're talkin' SCI-FI, HORROR, ACTION, THRILLER, COMEDY, or documentaries that deal with similar themes (ie. King of Kong, Indie Game: The Movie, Trekkies, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, etc.)

Filmmaking teams start by submitting a movie trailer. Over 12 weeks they advance through CineCoup’s social web platform and in the end we option (up to) 10 projects and greenlit one for production with (up to) $1 Million in production financing and a release in Cineplex Theatres! #BeBrave

Mon, Mar 16 @ 9 PM ET - Fan Experience Begins
Mon, Apr 6 @ 9 PM ET - Top 60 Voting Window Opens



How It Works

Application Period

February 9 to March 8, 2015 (4 Weeks)

  1. SIGN UP: Sign up with a team of three Canadians who have a combined talent for filmmaking, marketing and social engagement.
  2. SUBMIT A TRAILER: Submit a 60 second movie trailer that showcases your film concept.
  3. ADD SOCIAL ACCOUNTS: Create unique Facebook and Twitter accounts for your project.

Advancement Period

March 23 to June 12, 2015 (12 Weeks)

  1. CREATE CONTENT: Execute weekly “missions” designed to develop and market your project.
  2. BUILD FANS: Build your fan base by promoting your projects through social media (such as Facebook and Twitter).
  3. GET THOSE FANS TO SUPPORT YOU: Get your fans to help you advance by sharing your completed missions over social media, spreading your awesomeness, and voting for you through three designated voting windows.
  4. GATEWAY 1: Start with the Top 120.
  5. GATEWAY 2: From 120 to down to the Top 60.
  6. GATEWAY 3: From 60 to down to the Top 30.
  7. GATEWAY 4: From 30 to down to the Top 15.
  8. GATEWAY 5: From 15 to down to the Final 5.
  9. GIVE THE ULTIMATE PITCH: Before a live audience, pitch your project to a panel of industry pros and convince them that yours is the project that Canada wants to see. 
  10. THE BIG DEAL: One project is selected for (up to) $1 Million in production financing and a release in Cineplex Theatres. 

Follow @CineCoup

Follow @CineCoup

Film Fans Play Your Part

Support your favourite teams and let us know what films you want to see in Cineplex Theatres! Tune into the action starting March 16th, 2015.

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